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Process for Designing Modular Homes

1 Schedule a call with Llama Cove

  • This is usually around a 15-20 min call to answer some basic questions and get to know about what you want to build.

2 Design and pricing

  • This typically takes about a week to get the home priced out

3 Contract

  • Once we’ve agreed on a price and house plan we sign the dotted lines

4 Order home and engineering

  • We order the home from the factory and wait. They will engineer the house while we work with foundation engineers on the rest. This process is usually about 8 weeks

5 Permitting

  • We submit for permits. In most cases this is about 30 days long.

6 The house shows up!!!

  • Once the house arrives we set it with a crane and complete the build. In most cases this is about 6 weeks. Some more detailed builds can be longer.
By following this step-by-step guide, Llama Cove Properties can create a Modular Homes page that effectively showcases their designs, provides accurate pricing information, and guides potential customers through the build process.


At Llama Cove Properties, we believe in providing our customers peace of mind and long-term satisfaction. That’s why we offer comprehensive warranties for our modular homes.

1-Year Cosmetic Warranty

We provide a 1-year cosmetic warranty covering any cosmetic issues that may arise within the first year of your home’s completion.

10-Year Structural Warranty

In addition to our warranty, most of the factories we partner with offer a 10-year structured warranty for your modular home.

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Common Questions Answered About Modular Homes

1. Pricing

Pricing varies depending on location, square footage, and a few other things. In order to get a better idea of pricing, it’s best to request an appointment to have a brief chat. That allows us to get an idea of what you want, and we can give you an accurate price shortly after that call.

Llama Cove Homebuilders lowest-priced home STARTS at $275,000. This is a “turnkey” build to include permitting, foundation, house, delivery, utilities, etc. You should just move in!

Pricing of a Modular is “typically” about 20% less expensive than a site-built home. We’re happy to give you a quote for both!

2. MOD vs Manufactured
Good Question! We live in the south and this is unfortunately often confused, especially in the south. A MOD is not a Trailer!!! Mods are built to the IRBC (international residential building code) this is the same code as a site-built home. A Manufactured (mobile) is built to HUD code. There are some well-built manufactured homes out there, BUT HUD code isn’t near the standard of the IRBC or the MODs we provide. And we wouldn’t recommend putting a mobile home on the beach…Go MODULAR.
3. Appraisals
Modular homes appraise like site-built homes. Banks and appraisers must compare Modular with like builds so it has to be compared with either other Modulars OR with site-built homes. NO mobile homes can be used for a Modular appraisal.

Most of the homes we build have INSTANT equity.

4. Customization & Plans
The plans you see on this site are “pre-engineered” meaning they’ve been built before, and the engineering process will be shorter for them. BUT 9 of 10 of our customers draw a custom home built to suit their lot and budget. Your options are endless! We usually schedule a call or meeting to discuss what you want in a house and design it custom for you!
5. A Modular in a Hurricane?!?!

You’ve probably noticed we’re big into coastal builds. Our homes START at 150+ mph wind speeds. We typically build homes to 180+ mph wind speeds. The homes are engineered and inspected by 3 different sources to confirm they’re built like a tank! You can’t say that about your site build. Did you know FEMA recommends Modular construction over site-built in Hurricane ridden areas? Now you do!

6. Insurance
Insurance premiums are the same as most other homes. We typically build to “Gold Fortified” construction and that helps with insurance premiums here on the Gulf Coast.
7. Banking/Financing
We do have quite a few different banking relationships. For Modular construction (just like site builds) you need a construction loan. Rates are the same as building a site-built home. For most construction loans you need a Credit Score of at least 680. If you don’t have a bank we’ll get you connected to a bank based on your area.
8. Timeline to completion
Typically, we can complete a Modular build 6 weeks after the arrival from the factory. The factory engineering to building completion process typically takes around 3-6 months. Of course, materials, backlogs, and other things can slow that process.
9. What areas do we service?
We serve the MS & AL gulf coast and the entire state of FL.
10. What Factories are we partnered with?

Franklin Homes — https://franklinhomesusa.com/

Affinity Building Systems — https://affinitybuildingsystems.com/

11. Foundations
Our homes can be placed on Pilings, Basement, Concrete Blocking, or Concrete Stem Wall. ALL modular homes must have a crawl space.
12. Can you build my garage, barn, porch or other?
Of Course! We do quite a lot of onsite work with each build and we usually expect to be building something of the sort.
13. We still don’t want to do MOD. Can you site build?
YES! But, we only do site builds within 60 miles of Gulf Shores, AL and we’re slightly picky on what we’ll build. (we don’t like to build ugly houses) To see some of our work or get started with a site build shoot us a message!