Experienced Team, New Company

Llama Cove Properties, established in April 2023, combines experienced builders with a new company approach. We aim to fill a void in affordable, efficient, and hurricane-resistant homes in Gulf Coast and Florida. We prioritize speed and quality to exceed expectations.
Llama Cover Properties

Our Vision

We aim to have a Llama Cove Property in every town on the Gulf Coast. We want our homes to be synonymous with a Llama on a surfboard – unique, fun, and full of personality.
Llama Cover Properties

Our Mission

At Llama, is to bring fun and quality to coastal homes. We understand that people move to the coast for an exciting lifestyle, and we want to ensure that your home reflects that. Our affordable and efficient building process brings out your unique personality in every aspect of your home.
Llama Cover Properties

The Llama Cove Difference!

At Llama Cove Properties, we prioritize a stress-free, enjoyable building experience. With our team’s rich history in construction, we understand the ins and outs of coastal construction and can anticipate and address issues. We prioritize quality over cost and ensure a top-notch build and process.

Quality, efficiency, and affordability, combined with our expertise, to make your dream home a reality.